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Fat Billie is an orphaned halfling child thief played by Jessica Tai. He is a young boy usually occupied with eating. He was brought into adventuring by Tuck, who mistakenly thought Billie was an older halfling.

Fat Billie is introduced as a small and round halfing boy who is believed to be 7-10 years old. Billie doesn't know his actual age. He is around 2 feet tall and very circular. He has a rosy face and a small nose with copper hair. When he is clothed, he generally wears a raccoon suit.

Fat Billie grew up in Halfing country land where families took care of themselves and didn't help outsiders. As an orphan, Billie was shunned and halflings would not share food or drink with him. He was kicked out eventually for allegedly burning down a grain silo.


  • causing grievous bodily harm via projectile
  • Is a tree or some shit
  • also, stabbing