Spout Lore Wiki

Gather 'round friends, let me tell you a tale,

of three heroes noble and bold,

a brute, a druid, and a thief who is but 9 years old.

You know them by name, you know them by deed,

their quests are famously daring,

so here I sit singing to you an adventure that is worth sharing.

Tuck is the brute who knows not his home, he loves to sing and fight.

Vyng is half-elf, he shifts his shape and wields his spear with great might.

Billie's a thief whose tiny size does mask the largest heart.

Best and brightest they may not be, but their friendship outweighs their smarts.

So gather 'round friends, and listen close, for the tales about to start...


Player Characters[]

Guest Player Characters[]

  • Kyle Bottom as Ruttiger
  • Sophie Buddle as Vong



Spout Lore is separated into seasons, with a season usually ending on a cliffhanger or intense narrative revelation.

Season 1: The Schloss & The Bullywug[]


Air Date Link Runtime
1-1 - Profits and Schlass October 24th, 2017 Listen 40:42
Four friends play a game of Dungeon World.

Join a born-again barbarian, a shape-shifting druid, and an orphaned halfling child as they try to figure out the world they're in.

A series of comedy bits, loosely connected by dice rolls.

[Content Warning: Language, Orphans, Stereotyping of Halflings]

1-2 - Mr Dhaume Goes To Town October 31st, 2017 Listen 32:04
It's a busy day in the village of Mudlark, with preparations for the Hot Dog Festival in full swing.

The gang make a bunch of new friends, and they don't let being bad at one job stop them from trying to get another.

[Content Warning: Swears, Gross Swamp Conditions, Mildly Frightening Minor Abominations]

1-3 - The Mayor of Mudlark November 7th, 2017 Listen 33:15
Things aren't going smoothly in Mudlark. Luckily(?), Tuk, Ving, and Fat Billy are on the job.

We also respectfully learn little a bit about an imaginary foreign culture.

[Content Warning: Identity theft, war profiteering, poor hygiene]

1-4 - The Wallowing Sow November 14th, 2017 Listen 30:02
The party appreciates architecture and fine food. Also, they accept yet another job.

[Content Warning: Intimidation, Gluttony, Conflicts of Interest]

1-5 - Journey to the Palace of Reeds November 21st, 2017 Listen 46:24
With more employers than they can probably count, the party hits the road in search of Emperor Morgulch.

[Content Warning: Very Extreme Sports, Pornos, Blue Balls]

1-6 - The Court of Emperor Morgulch November 28th, 2017 Listen 49:42
The party takes a crash course in diplomacy. Emphasis on the word crash.

[Content Warning: Diplomatic Immunity, Extreme Gore, Huge Racks]

1-7 - The Hot Dog Festival December 5, 2017 Listen 45:45
The party takes a break from municipal matters to enjoy Mudlark's famous Hot Dog Festival.

Featuring special guest Kyle Bottom!

[Content Warning: Poor Bargaining Skills, Choking Hazards, Dog Theft]

1-8 - Return to the Wallowing Sow December 12, 2017 Listen 38:21
The party stops for a round of drinks at The Wallowing Sow, and the service is only slightly better than last time.

[Content Warning: Drinking, Explicit Lyrics, Trespassing]

1-9 - The Hulks of Ships and Shadows of Broken Vessels December 26, 2017 Listen 46:53
...and stuff like that.

[Content Warning: Death Wishes, Sushi, Tapestries]

1-10 - Aboard the Clearwater February 15, 2018 Listen 1:08:00
Finally, the surprising identity of Muckraker is revealed!

Okay, maybe it's not that surprising, but we do take a minute to clear a lot of things up.

[Content Warning: Beach, Party, Summer]

Season 2: The Boy & The Box[]


Air Date Link Runtime
2-1 - Shambles March 2nd, 2018 Listen 38:58
It's a long way out of the swamp.

[Content Warning: Elementals, Delirium, Nudity]

2-2 - Ransack!Ransack!Ransack! March 17th, 2018 Listen 37:42
The gang discovers a new town and makes some new friends...

[Content Warning: Ransacking, Double Nudity, Slam Poetry]

2-3 - To The Fording Point March 28th, 2018 Listen 33:19
A river is crossed. Not a metaphor.

[Content Warning: Taint Vibrations, Alternative Medicine, Fantasy Soup Ingredients]

2-4 - Bullrush Nights April 8th, 2018 Listen 36:56
Sometimes it can be hard to get to sleep. Especially when Tuk is calling your name to save you from the dark.

[Content Warning: Lonely Birthdays, Ominous Dreams, Evanescence]

2-5 - Infinite Homages To Innumerable Patrons April 24th, 2018 Listen 46:51
If you can't handle me at my gator attack, you don't deserve me at my murderous fugue.

[Content Warning: Cock Attack, Croc Attack, Monologuing]

2-6 - Dreams May 8th, 2018 Listen 47:28
Tuk's dream of acquiring armour quickly turns into a macabre nightmare for the villagers who get in his way.

Billy takes a couple of naps.

[Content Warning: Destruction of Property, Ventriloquism, Terribly Incompetent Bartering]

2-7 - John Wick! May 22nd, 2018 Listen 55:47
Billy steals food yet again, Tuk attacks yet another tree, and this time it's Vyng's turn to scare the crap out of one of the locals.

Featuring surprise(d) guest Sophie Buddle.

[Content Warning: John Wick, John Wick, John Wick]

2-8 - Goodnight, Lerm June 5th, 2018 Listen 34:02
Learning about Lerm's life.

Billy has another dream.

[Content Warning: Paranoia, Foul Language, Cloaks That Don't Exist In A Traditional Sense (Currently)]

2-9 - Storms December 26, 2017 Listen 32:07
Journeys spiritual, physical, seasonal.

[Content Warning: Spirit Realms, Granola Theft, Tree Exaggeration]

2-10 - The Pool July 3rd, 2018 Listen 42:26
Brought to you by Capri Sun.

[Content Warning: Nudity, Swears, Feels]

Season 3: The Place Between[]


Air Date Link Runtime
3-1 - The Road to Highspear July 17th, 2018 Listen 29:09
The long journey to Highspear for answers begins.

Also, welcome to our new player Mark. We don't meet his character yet, but that will probably come soon.

[Content Warning: Terminal Embarrassment, Celine Dion Scenarios, Waterslide Rumours]

3-2 - Gatekeepers July 31st, 2018 Listen 33:52
The gang enters a city, a mall, an office.

[Content Warning: Illicit Weapons, Police Corruption, Paperwork]

3-3 - Honey Flustered August 14th, 2018 Listen 27:10
Seathan deals with a bee problem. But aren't the bees just a symptom of larger systematic issues with the justice system?

Yes, probably.

[Content Warning: Fire, Bees, Child Labour]

3-4 - The Yesterday of Today August 28th, 2018 Listen 37:32
Tuk and Billie get some new clothes and travel to Yesterland.

[Content Warning: Fantasy Anachronisms, Fantasy Racial Tension, Fantasy Name Judgement]

3-5 - Reversal of Fortunes September 11th, 2018 Listen 47:00
Getting new photo ID is always a hassle.

[Content Warning: Theft, Violence, Hot Meat Boys]

3-6 - Gangs of Highspear September 25th, 2018 Listen 47:23
Always lots to learn at the mall.

[Content Warning: Violence, Gluttony, Envy]

3-7 - The Other Side October 9th, 2018 Listen 52:15
You know the day destroys the night, night divides the day.

[Content Warning: Intentional Drug Use, Unintentional Drug Use, Freaky Spirits]

3-8 - The One Tree Forest October 23rd, 2018 Listen 52:15
Lost in the one tree forest, in the dark, with a big glowing fish.

[Content Warning: Sexual Undulation, Fishy Abomination, Blatant Fabrication]

3-9 - The Nature of a Rock is to Chill November 6th, 2018 Listen 47:30
How do you like them wapples?

[Content Warning: Gary, Garry, Garry]

3-10 - Rootless November 20th, 2018 Listen 43:31
The ghost root finally kicks in.

[Content Warning: Larry, Terry, Chad]

3-11 - The Wasp Nest December 4th, 2018 Listen 42:09
You hear buzzing deep within.

[Content Warning: Wasps, Wasps, Wasps]

3-12 - The Mountain December 18th, 2018 Listen 47:03
A long walk through the spirit realm.

[Content Warning: Owl, Elk, Polar Bear]

3-13 - The Plains January 1st, 2019 Listen 47:21
The spirits help Vyng make his way off the Mountain and into the Plains.

[Content Warning: Management Skills, Eagle Theme Song Riffs]

3-14 - The Dustbowl January 15th, 2019 Listen 39:31
The spirits help Vyng make the trek through the dangerous domain of Wasp.

[Content Warning: Polar Bees, Fantasy Generators, Pizza]

3-15 - You Gotta Go in to Get Out January 29th, 2019 Listen 37:40
Vyng and the spirits finally encounter the infamous Wasp.

[Content Warning: Flobhockey, Mysterious Items, Narrative Convergence]

3-16 - Reunion February 12th, 2019 Listen 28:02
Our intrepid heroes finally reunite with their lost friend.

[Content Warning: Bad Tattoos, Flammable Situations, Drama]

3-17 - The Escape March 1st, 2019 Listen 43:54
After finally being reunited our daring heroes must escape the lair of Wasp.

[Content Warning: Bullying, Croissant Love, Municipal Hate]

3-18 - A Journey to Return March 13th, 2019 Listen 53:11
In the season finale, the party makes the long trek home and a sacrifice is made along the way.

[Content Warning: Beach Shenanigans, Dick Jokes, Feels]

Season 4: Into The Woods[]


Air Date Link Runtime
4-1 - The Mender's Reckoning March 26th, 2019 Listen 50:16
As the party returns to the Highspear Mall they find themselves having to settle some old accounts.

[Content Warning: Rumors, Nostalgia, Wild Axe Moves]

4-2 - Back in the Saddle Again July 31st, 2019 Listen 49:54
The gang takes yet another job from the Menders, and also takes way too long to leave a mall.

[Content Warning: Lunchables, Flirtatious Interactions, Bronchitis]

4-3 - Reflections April 23rd, 2019 Listen 57:38
A few days on the road gives the gang a chance to reflect and relax while leading them straight into a crippling logistical problem.

[Content Warning: Paella, Saffron, Correct-splaining]

4-4 - Pinewood August 28th, 2018 Listen 44:17
Arriving at Pinewood just before the monsoons, the gang show their dedication to the Menders' quest by taking another job.

[Content Warning: Free Range Parenting, Goldstream Park, Rubber Trees]

4-5 - Pinewood Nights May 21st, 2019 Listen 48:50
The gang enjoys a night of revelry and engages in the most time honored of party traditions, the conga.

[Content Warning: Misunderstood Traditions, Singing, Actual Sex]

4-6 - Into the Woods June 4th, 2019 Listen 39:28
After a long night of partying the gang sets off to find the tree feller. Vyng must contend with the consequences of his actions.

[Content Warning: Disguises, Hangovers, Vev]

4-7 - They Dug Too Deep Too Hungrily June 18th, 2019 Listen 58:11
The gang investigates the mystery of the strange moss at the logging camp and Vyng gets drunk again.

[Content Warning: Fanny Packs, Cha-Bear, Money Cake]

4-8 - Don't You Forget about Meers July 2nd, 2019 Listen 1:05:21
The gang wraps up their business in Pinewood in near biblical fashion. Then we go camping!

[Content Warning: Gold, Stream, Park]

4-9 - The Vault July 16th, 2019 Listen 1:01:47
Finally arriving at The Vault, the party is faced with a tough decision.

[Content Warning: Diarrhea, Stained Glass, Danger Zones]

Season 5: Beach Party Summer[]


Air Date Link Runtime
5-1 - Trust Goes Both Ways July 30th, 2019 Listen 50:16
Tensions are high as the party deals with the aftermath of releasing a wizard into the world.

[Content Warning: Troll Blacelets, Air Quotes, New Worms]

5-2 - Beach Day August 13th, 2019 Listen 1:00:54
The party enjoys the first day of their much deserved vacation with some good old fashion beach fun.

[Content Warning: Dramatic Visions, Retail Nightmares, Traumatic Visions]

5-3 - Lil Sir August 27th, 2019 Listen 1:04:05
A mere handful of days into their vacation the gang takes yet another job from yet another mayor.

[Content Warning: Artisanal Cheeses, Smoked Fish, Low Stakes]

5-4 - To Brenda With Love September 10th, 2019 Listen 52:04
Our intrepid heroes bring their plans to completion, in more ways than one.

[Content Warning: Spaghetti Squash, Porn Scorpion, Actual Sex]

5-5 - Crystal Bay September 24th, 2019 Listen 1:02:36
The party finally arrives at Crystal Bay, and Shawn finally threatens to kick Abdul off the podcast.

[Content Warning: Tourist Traps, Chicken Fights, Squatters Rights]

5-6 - Allison October 8th, 2019 Listen 49:13
The gang gets to know the infamous Allison while continuing their unbroken streak of getting kicked out of bars.

[Content Warning: Birginities, Fantasy Shit, Julianne Moore]

5-7 - Crazy, Stupid, Love October 22nd, 2019 Listen 54:08
The gang continues to contend with the return of Tuk’s old flame as they attempt to deal with the Crystal Bay Pirates.

[Content Warning: Dawson’s Creek Spoilers, Underage Drinking, Trademark Violations]

5-8 - The Pirate Queen November 5th, 2019 Listen 44:56
The gang negotiates an exit strategy for Allison, and Billie gets diarrhea…again.

[Content Warning: Spice Girls, Blood Pacts, Eye Stuff]

5-9 - Pier Pressure November 19th, 2019 Listen 56:56
The gang endeavors to commit grand larceny in service to the Crystal Bay Pirates, and only manage to get side tracked twice along the way.

[Content Warning: Bad Architecture, Good Architecture, Pizza Cones]

5-10 - The Best Pirate I've Ever Seen December 4th, 2019 Listen 47:21
…so it would seem.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Theme plays*

[Content Warning: Grand Larceny, Domestic Terrorism, Gross World-building]

5-11 - Three Sheets to the Wind December 17th, 2019 Listen 55:14
A mere handful of days into their vacation the gang takes yet another job from yet another mayor.

[Content Warning: Artisanal Cheeses, Smoked Fish, Low Stakes]

5-12 - Masquerade December 31th, 2019 Listen 1:03:11
The gang finally finds Allison and gets a little more than they bargained for in the process.

[Content Warning: Sweater Song, Catholic Raccoons, Drag]

5-13 - I Wish She Cared More January 14th, 2020 Listen 55:52
The gang is faced with some tough choices as they decide what to do with Allison.

[Content Warning: False Starts, Bottle Episode, Goosebumps]

5-14 - A Fire Sale on Pomegranate January 28th, 2020 Listen 1:01:28
The gang incites a minor riot then confronts Jaunter at the library.

[Content Warning: Sauce Monkeys, Fight Puns, Lionel Mackenzie King]

5-15 - The Thunder Rolls February 11th, 2020 Listen 49:32
The gang gets separated and some of them fall into the clutches of the mysterious Light Guard.

[Content Warning: Vases, Swim Lessons, d’Artagnan]

5-16 - Listen All Y'all, it's a Sabotage February 25th, 2020 Listen 49:48
The gang further antagonizes the Light Guard, and the cast commit pretty flagrant copyright infringement.

[Content Warning: Mike D, MCA, Ad-Rock]

5-17 - Truths March 10th, 2020 Listen 53:59
Our intrepid heroes are faced with some difficult truths, and Meers reveals a dark secret about himself.

[Content Warning: Reclamation Errors, Butt Demons, Cup Play]

5-18 - Rider on the Storm March 24th, 2020 Listen 59:51
Things come to a head with the Light Guard as our heroes try to escape Crystal Bay.

[Content Warning: Vern, Tyler, Rubsy]

Season 6: The Old Man & The Sea[]


Air Date Link Runtime
6-1 - Chimes April 7th, 2020 Listen 47:07
Things get dark as the gang gets pulled into the Sea of Graves.

[Content Warning: Chaos, Malice, Storms]

6-2 - Hither and Yon April 21st, 2020 Listen 53:55
The party gets some much needed rest following their rescue at the hands of the mysterious pirate Chimes.

[Content Warning: Exposition, Chowder, Sexist Prayers]

6-3 - Cerulean Depths Seen From a Great Height May 5th, 2020 Listen 53:16
The true Cerulean Depths are the friends we made along the way.

[Content Warning: Runes, Carcinology, Herpetology]

6-4 - Flotsam May 19th, 2020 Listen 55:53
The party stumbles upon a strange community in the Sea of Graves and ultimately barters with the mayor.

[Content Warning: Anachronisms, Stolen Kisses, Evam]

6-5 - Jetsam June 2nd, 2020 Listen 48:30
“We could have spent a lot of time here guys” – Shawn O’Hara

[Content Warning: Centaur Art, Lost Narrative Arcs, Hypothetical Cannibalism]

6-6 - The Green Pillar June 16th, 2020 Listen 47:23
The party has a brief respite

from the catastrophic failures of the previous session.

[Content Warning: Finger Shame, Gravy Shame, Lilo & Stitch Fan Fiction]

6-7 - Aquaria June 30th, 2020 Listen 55:17
The gang partakes in their first ever dungeon crawl!

[Content Warnings: Friendly Fire, Drag Race References, Exposition Dumps]

6-8 - The Test July 14th, 2020 Listen 1:01:01
The gang push forward to get to the treasure at the center of Aquaria’s tower.

[Content Warning: Wizard Drama, Potentially Problematic Accents, Pete]

6-9 - The Breaking of the Chains July 29th, 2020 Listen 1:04:09
The gang gets some much needed R&R, then they run afoul of some marine mammals.

[Content Warning: Near Larceny, Horny Monsters, Second Person Present Tense]

6-10 - The Eye of the Storm August 13th, 2020 Listen 49:07
The gang goes toe to fin with an Unkindness of Mermaids.

[Content Warning: Acoustic Temptations, Aquatic Temptations, Terrible Guitar Riffs]

6-11 - Memoriam August 26th, 2020 Listen 59:23
The gang finally closes in on Perell and stumble into the secret at the heart of the Sea of Graves.

[Content Warning: Amateur Autopsies, Conspiracy to Commit Grave Robbing, Grave Robbing]

6-12 - A Door Beneath September 10th, 2020 Listen 1:22:26
A door beneath the ocean floor, it needs a lock and nothing more.

[Content Warning: Spirit Stuff, Magic Stuff, Family Stuff]

Season 7: Makaal[]


Air Date Link Runtime
7-0 - Season 7 Character Creation October 13th, 2020 Listen 53:02
The cast creates new classes for their characters to usher in the next phase of the story.

[Content Warning: Faerie Child, Fighty Monk, Idiot]

7-1 - Kaj's Place September 24th, 2020 Listen 53:02
The party explores a brand new city on a brand new continent and make brand new enemies in municipal government.

[Content Warning: Day Jobs, Socialist Dwarves, Generous Benefits Packages]

7-2 - The Codex October 7th, 2020 Listen 55:00
The gang infiltrates a municipal building to steal some information on public infrastructure. The stakes have never been higher.

[Content Warning: Vance, Vance, Vance, Vance, Vance]

7-3 - Moth Form October 22nd, 2020 Listen 55:49
The stakes raise incrementally as the gang gets ready to explore some disused city infrastructure.

[Content Warning: Roommate Drama, Protein Powder, Teens]

7-4 - The Well November 5th, 2020 Listen 49:14
The gang crawls through both literal and figurative shit in their commitment to commit a B and E at a library.

[Content Warning: Chuds, Chodes, Chuuls (sp?)]

7-5 - Bookworms November 18th, 2020 Listen 48:46
The gang stealthily* and tactically* infiltrate the Marghani Library.
  • At this point, if you believed either of those adjectives that’s on you

[Content Warning: Pipes, Heights, Nerd Fights]

7-6 - The Library December 2nd, 2020 Listen 52:23
The gang faces their greatest challenge yet: Books.

[Content Warning: Caterpillar Murder, Magic Systems, Mall Brats]

7-7 - Study Group December 18th, 2020 Listen 57:44
The stakes continue to rise as the gang spends an evening casually perusing the stacks of the Marghani Library. Also, we make a plan to have a bath.

[Content Warnings: Book Theft, Mild Interrogations, Failed Negotiations]

7-8 - Spa Day December 22nd, 2020 Listen 1:05:41
The gang takes some much needed Rest and Relaxation at the Desert Flower Spa and Bath House, and learn a bit about the political landscape of Makaal.

[Content Warning: Metaphysical Speculation, Political Intrigue, Steam Voles]

7-9 - We’ve Gotta Start Setting Some Firmer Boundaries January 13th, 2021 Listen 1:14:48
The gang runs afoul of no less than 4 different elements of Makaal’s seedy underbelly.

[Content Warning: Accidental Larceny, Musical Ambiguity, Shoe Conversations]

7-10 - The Garden Snake January 28th, 2021 Listen 59:57
The gang discovers the true identity of The Garden Snake, and learn that they’ve come to the attention of some powerful people.

[Content Warning: Old Bullies, New Friends, Family Drama]

7-11 - A Snake in the Glass February 10th, 2021 Listen 57:09
The gang confronts some hard truths.

[Content Warning: Fights, Flames, Feels]

7-12 - Break In February 23rd, 2021 Listen 56:39
A truce is reached, and a plan is made.

[Content Warning: Party Subs, Wendy’s Double Bacon Cheese Burgum Fruit, Fake Fights]

7-13 - Break In 2: Demonic Boogaloo March 9th, 2021 Listen 50:13
The gang infiltrates the salty underbelly of the Hearth…literally.

[Content Warning: Third, Of, Eleven]

7-14 - Escape From The Hearth March 23rd, 2021 Listen 1:01:12
The gang gets out of the proverbial frying pan, and falls directly into the metaphorical salt shaker.

[Content Warning: Yahoo, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves]

7-15 - Cram Session April 6th, 2021 Listen 1:00:45
The gang returns to the Marghani library to recover from their recent exploits, get answers to some burning questions, and eat some party subs.

[Content Warning: Attempted Exposition Dumps, Texting, Incidental Sexual Harassment]

7-16 - All Nighter April 20th, 2021 Listen 55:25
In a completely unsurprising move, the gang attempts to cram for a siege.

[Content Warning: Dog Boys, Mummies, Dan]

7-17 - The Reckoning May 4th, 2021 Listen 1:10:58
Events set in motion years ago finally converge on our intrepid heroes. Also, the cast spends a full 5 minutes talking about Party Subs.

[Content Warning: Fadam, Fevan, Feter]

7-18 - The Battle for Alain Springs May 11th, 2021 Listen 53:49
Things come to a head as The Torch drops the hammer on our intrepid heroes.

[Content Warning: Theology, Spirituality, Iconography]

7-19 - The Immolation Game June 1st, 2021 Listen 1:01:53
The demons we fight, we fight again and again.

[Content Warning: Drunk Babies, Forced Ovations, Cork]

Season 8: The Dark Guard[]


Air Date Link Runtime
8-1 - Welcome To The Black Flame Parade June 15th, 2021 Listen 59:39
After a week spent in the library researching, our intrepid heroes have started to scratch the surface of the mystery of the Dark Guard.

[Content Warning: My, Alchemical, Romance]

8-2 - Dirk Adventurman Presents: The Journey to Sandeater Canyon June 30th, 2021 Listen 1:07:53
In this week’s thrilling installment, our intrepid heroes venture deep into the Alkholi Desert to search for a hidden church. And things get PRETTY SEXY.

Rated: NC-17 by the Motion Picture Association of America [Content Warning: Terrible Shepherds Pie, Horny Igneous Rock Formations, Porn Scorpions]

8-3 - Dirk Adventureman Presents: Love in the Tomb of the Giants July 16th, 2021 Listen 1:08:57
In this week’s thrilling installment, our intrepid heroes venture deep under the Alkholi Desert and find both more and less than they bargained for.

[Content Warning: Heavy Flow, Worm Goo, Egg Money]

8-4 - Dirk Adventurman Presents: Feat of Clay July 28th, 2021 Listen 1:05:51
In this week’s thrilling installment, our brave and noble adventurers use their wits and some divine assistance to uncover a mystery as old as the sands themselves.

[Content Warning: Respectful Vomiting, Sentient Pottery, Old Hamburger Helper]

8-5 - Consequences August 11th, 2021 Listen 1:13:07
The gang returns to the city in search of the druids living there and discover how Makaal’s residents have been fairing after the destabilization of the Light Guard.

[Content Warning: Bleep, Bleep, Bleep]

8-6 - Ambition Guaranteed August 24th, 2021 Listen 1:03:38
On orders from Jake the Jackal, the party decides to dip their toe into organized crime/religion while infiltrating the hideout of the Daydreamers.

[Content Warning: Colonel, Fucking, Dan]

8-7 - Hair of the Dog September 7th, 2021 Listen 1:01:48
The gang spends a night partying with the Jackals before tracking down the mysterious Mejdai of Makaal.

[Content Warning: Scribbles, Scatting, Dump Wives]

8-8 - The Lighthouse September 14th, 2021 Listen 1:00:48
Hot on the trail of their missing friend, the party finds themselves at the heart of a legendary structure.

[Content Warning: Light Cats, Vizier Types, Stairs]

8-9 - I Want To Make It Right September 28th, 2021 Listen 1:04:02
The gang finds themselves trapped at the top of the famous Light House of Makaal with a member of the infamous Makaalan Medjai.

[Content Warning: Interrogations, Pinkie Swears, Probable Library Fines]

8-10 - Late Fees October 19th, 2021 Listen 1:11:33
In what might be the highest the stakes have ever been a 9 year old boy tries to locate a missing library book.

[Content Warning: Helicopter Parenting, Hulk Hogan Types, Toon Town]

8-11 - Elnor’s Anatomy November 3rd, 2021 Listen 1:22:57
The gang’s altercation with Roth lands them in the operating theatre of the Marghani Library’s Head Physiker.

[Content Warning: Moral Dilemmas, Puzzle Artichokes, Sleeveless Shirts]