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The Marghani Library is one of the largest libraries in the world and also the home of the Marghani Librarians, which represent the second-largest marshall force on the continent (second to the Light Guard). The library was once the crown jewel of the city of Makal containing sprawling courtyards, massive fountains and hanging gardens. It was,

however, burned during the fireworks festival, an event that would be referred to by scholars as The Death of Enlightenment. Following the burning, the librarians moved the remnants of the library into the salt mines beneath the city to preserve the books and do their work in secret.


The library is named for the scholar who founded it over a thousand years previously, Amah Marghani. He was by all accounts the father of modern Physiognomy, Telemetric Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry and the Numeric Arts. He also laid the foundations of what would eventually become The Scholar's Code, a codified system by which all scholars would pursue knowledge. Amah Marghani disappeared after the burning of the ocean by the God of the Flame.

The Burning[]

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