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Spout Lore is a Canadian comedy style let's play podcast created in October of 2017, using the system Dungeon World. The cast is comprised of four comedians and artists; Shawn O'Hara, Jessica Tai, Abdul Aziz, and Paul Oppers. The podcast focuses on found family, classic euro-fantasy, middle-eastern inspired fantasy, and poop jokes. Spout Lore is a mature audience podcast and depicts scenes of violence, excessive bodily fluids, curse words, and consensual sexual remarks from characters.

The Main Campaign is centered around the journey of three characters traveling through a fantasy world that is created by the Game Master (Shawn O'Hara) and the players at the table (Jessica Tai, Abdul Aziz, and Paul Oppers). The crew of characters is comprised of Tachoma Dhaume (pronounced Tah-Co-Mah Dome) the Barbarian (Tuck) who is a human Barbarian who multi-classes into Bard at later levels. Vyng Vang Zoomba (Vyng) the shapeshifting half-elf Druid from the Boreal Reach and Fat Billie the halfling Thief who is a nine-years-old from the halfling lands.

There is a variety of rotating guests for the podcast that spotlight episodes ranging in length from full seasons to one-shot holiday specials. The podcast is usually between 30-60 minutes and includes an intro and outro song that is widely beloved by fans. 

Spout Lore has a Patreon where exclusive content about the characters is available and includes one-shot series based in the same world of Spout Lore; included the series Mall Brats. 

Spout Lore can be found and listened to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Materials such as samples of the show and links to where to listen to the podcast can be found on the Spout Lore website spoutlore.com

Caution: this wiki-page may include spoilers for later seasons.


The set up for the podcast was created in part by the lore of Dungeon World, and by the Spout Lore cast. After an event called the Exodus saw all wizards leave this plane of reality to catastrophic effect, those left behind were forced to carry on in the wreckage of their now-dormant technologies. More about these technologies and wizards is learned throughout the series by the main characters (Tuck, Vyng, and Billie). 

The events of Spout Lore unfold 90 years after the Exodus in the Principalities, an alliance of neighboring states built on the infrastructure of the kingdom of Quiznos (pronounced Key-noss). The remnants of magic are scattered across the land, seeping through reality and bringing with it monsters, magical artifacts, and mysterious forces.

There are a number of secret organizations that seek to harness these powers. Some wish to see magic returned to the world, some wish it locked away forever, and some want it for themselves.

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