Tachoma Dhaume (otherwise known as Tuk) is a music-loving barbarian played by Abdul Aziz. He is a large man with an even larger personality. He invited Fat Billie to go adventuring, thinking he was not a little kid. Once he found out Fat Billie was an orphan, Tuck acts very protective of Fat Billie. Tuk’s strengths are music and strength.

Tuk never cries although he does often get things in his eyes or water in his face.

Tuk was abandoned as a baby but then raised by a used cart dealer, Bruce Spruce, in the city of Makal. Bruce raised Tuk until he was four when Bruce died due to a freak cart accident. Tuck eventually was run out of Makal where he roamed the world doing various jobs, including being in a band where he played the bass.

Tuk is described in the first episode, Profits and Schlass, by Abdul: "I"m tan of skin and large of thigh, I'm bald of head -by choice- I'm wearing a leather loin guard, I have an ax strapped across my back, I'm very large... I'm 7 feet tall. I'm a muscular 7 foot. I'm in a bulk phase right now." He has an amulet that he was found with as a baby containing a picture of his mother and a horse.

Tuk is seven feet tall and between 350-700 pounds, depending on what mood his actor is in at any specific point in time.

POWERS AND ABILITIES[edit | edit source]

  • Has both arms AND legs
  • Quiet smashing
  • Child abduction (accidental(?))
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