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Vyng is a shapeshifting half-elf played by Paul Henry Oppers. The son of a renowned member of the Rangers and a powerful shapeshifter in the Frozen North, Vyng had a tumultuous upbringing. Barred from the Great Forest due to his human heritage, he left the North following the death of his mother at the hands of his father.

He has the gills of an arctic char (his “tell” as a shapeshifter) but he covers them with his wild gray hair. He wears lots of different pelts and hides.

Vyng is able to take any number of shapes, from plants to animals, as well as the pure elements. The only concession is that it must be a MUNDANE animal (Elk, Snow Owl, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Mermaid, Rhinocerice, etc) and that no matter the form he always has his gills (which are, again, his “tell”). This ability sets him apart from others of his kind, and speaks to a power greater than even he may realize.

Previously known as Vyng Vang Zoombah, the half-elf dropped the second portion of his name after returning from the spirit world in an attempt to be edgy.

Has a spear or a staff (maddeningly inconsistent) but mostly just transforms (x) of his body into (y).


  • Flaps
  • Mason Jars